Electric Knee Massager Smart Infrared

Step into a realm where comfort meets innovation with our Electric Knee Massager. Designed to elevate your well-being, our state-of-the-art device brings you a symphony of relief, combining a comfortable vibration massage that eases joint pain, soothes muscle stiffness, and reduces joint swelling. Embrace the healing power of Heat Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, and Vibration Massage working seamlessly together to promote comprehensive rehabilitation.

Touch Control

Navigate your comfort effortlessly with our Large Screen Touch Controller – designed for users of all ages. Easily set the temperature and customize your comfort with a simple touch. The elastic neoprene material, along with adjustable straps, ensures a perfect fit for different leg or arm sizes, maximizing comfort on your skin.

Effortless control, tailored comfort – it's that simple.

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Therapy Machine Relief Knee & Elbow Pain

Built-in 20 infrared physiotherapy lamps, combined with infrared physiotherapy and hot compress, with three adjustable temperature levels (40/45/50°C), deeply nourishing the knees and effectively removing joint dampness.


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